School Photos

What to Expect on Picture Day

On picture day we will bring our studio to your child’s school. We do our best to make every student feel comfortable and relaxed! We also try to work efficiently so that students are not kept waiting any longer than possible. You can help us be efficient by filling out your order form ahead of time, and we are here to help if you need it! We can be reached to answer questions at 530-518-4426, or at hello@bloomportraiture.com. If you do not know your student’s id number please leave that field blank. If you cannot fill out your order form ahead of time we are more than happy to help on the day of picture day, but having it ready helps all the students move through the line more quickly.

Every student will be photographed for the yearbook and for student id cards, even if no order for prints or packages is placed. For this reason we ask that you please fill out the student information portion of the order form even if you are not planning on purchasing any prints or specialty items. There will be three background options selected by the school but each student will be photographed only for a single image on one background. Please check out the background options on your information sheet, and make your selection in the student information section of the ordering form. If no backdrop is selected we will let the student choose.

After picture day all the photos and orders will be returned to the school in about 3-4 weeks.

Ordering Process

We offer high quality professional prints both in packages and individually. Simply select any prints, packages, or specialty items that you would like to purchase and list them on your order form. There is no minimum purchase price, and we can accept cash, check, or credit. Please make payment in the exact amount, however, because we will not be able to make change. We also do ask that all payment be made on or before picture day.

We also offer a wide selection of fun specialty items and beautiful display products. Photos of the specialty products are being updated, please check back soon for examples.

Order Forms and Pricing

To download a basic order form and view pricing information please click OrderForm.jpg

For Wm. Finch Charter School please click WmFinchOrderForm.jpg.